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Everyday we are a step closer in the future.That show us the technology that improves everyday.Now we have the Iphone 7,Oculus Rift,and so on...We might have flying car's tomorrow,but for now we got the new fancy bathroom's that come from Japan,also known as the BR-3000.The BR-3000 is well known in Japan,and now available in the USA and UK.Where bring us to the story of Bob.
Bob was walking at the park,like every saturday,when he had a urge to pee.He saw the bathroom that was in the park for a long time,and the new BR-3000,which was opened only a few day's ago.So Bob thought about trying the new BR-3000.
When Bob went in he was stunned.The BR-3000 looked more like a spaceship then a bathroom,all in white and looked like a bathroom from the future.The BR-3000 is a small bathroom,it only have place for one toilet,one sink and for some reason a changing table in the size for a adult.He was so amazed that he leaned on the sink,as he pressed a button on the sink.When Bob saw better,he saw t
:iconkiohoci:KioHoci 1 0
Harley Quinn's New Baby
It was a quiet night in Gotham City as Batgirl was patrolling around the city "Wow,for once a nice and quiet night it this city." Said Batgirl "Well,I guess Batman can take from her now." As she heard glass breaking.So she decided to see it closer.When Batgirl arrived to the place where she heard the glass breaking,she noticed a broken window of a drugstore "Well,the crime dosen't sleep,so I don't!" Said Batgirl and went through the same window.
Batgirl went far in the drugstore but didn't find anything "It can't be that I am late!" Said Batgirl as she heard something like packages being opening in the adult diaper section.As Batgirl arrived she had something to see,it was Harley Quinn who was stealing adult diapers.
"Well,I would just like usually beat you up and put you back to prison,but I have to ask you,why are you stealing adult diapers?" Asked Batgirl confused Harley.
"Well..." Said Harley as Batgirl looked down and saw that Harley had a bulge around her waist under her one piec
:iconkiohoci:KioHoci 12 5
The Lemonade Accident
It was a beautiful and nice afternoon,so Arcee Star a purple haired women decided to visit her friend Simphony a white haired women with a green bow in her hair.
So,Arcee Star finished with her dress up,and was ready to go to Simphony,as always,she was wearing her black and purple vest with matching black and purple skirt,purple pantyhoses and purple high heels,she looked more like she was going to work.
15 minutes later she arrived at Simphony,she knocked on her door and Simphony opened the door and Arcee Star went in.They were talking for 10 minutes as Simphony went to the kitchen and returned with a glass of lemonade that she gived Arcee Star.
"Here is a glass lemonade for you!"Said Simphony with a smile.
"Thanks!"Said Arcee Star with a smile.
"I am going to make pop-corn!I am back in 5 minutes."Said Simphony as she went back in the kitchen.
Arcee Star was enjoying her glass of lemonade,but unfortunately,she droped her glass and the lemonade went all over her skirt,it looked like sh
:iconkiohoci:KioHoci 7 5
Paddeia and The Factory-Part 1
Once again,after defeating Mane-Iac a purple skinned women with green hair and sending her to the prison,Paddeia a black haired 21 year old lady who was wearing a red diaper,thought after defeating her enemy once again to take the rest of the day off.But in the same time a ecto portal opened in front of her,she now that always when a ecto portal open there is going to be action!So she decided to go through the portal,after she entered the ecto portal,the portal closed behind her.
After she went through the portal,she realized that she was in Mane-Iac's shampoo factory,it looked abandon.
"Well great...No one is here..."Said Paddeia as she was ready to leave Mane-Iac's shampoo factory,but in the same time a door opened and through the door were coming Mane-Iac's minions 8 men's and 8 teenage boy's.
"Who are you?"One of the men minisons said.
"I am Pa..."Paddeia couldn't finish her sentence as all the minions attacked her.Thanks to her ghost powers she was able to beat them easily,when al
:iconkiohoci:KioHoci 6 2
The Birthday Maid
"Kikoo,Naomi!Hurry!" Said Olga who was the mother of both Kikoo and Naomi "Hurry you two!You will be late for Zoe's birthday party!"Said Olga as she looked at the clock.
"It wasn't my fault!" Said Kikoo "I had to change Naomi's diaper!" Said Kikoo blamed on Naomi.
"I am sowwy mommy!"Said Naomi to her mother.
"Well,there is no time for it.Now signatures here."Said Olga as she gave Kikoo a paper.
"What is this?"Asked Kikoo Olga.
"It is a birthday card,now signature here"Said Olga,as Kikoo signatured it,he didn't ever readed it because it was to long."Good."Said Olga giggling.
"What's funny?"Asked Kikoo.
"Ummmm,nothing."Said Olga "Now,here it the card and the present."Said Olga as she gave Kikoo both the present and the card."Now drive well,and don't drink to much,and look after Naomi there!"Said Olga as Kikoo ignored her and left the house with Naomi.
Kikoo and Naomi were driving 30 minutes as they saw that there was a crowd on the bridge.
"Damn it!"Said Kikoo "Looks like we are stuck he
:iconkiohoci:KioHoci 12 2
The Justice League of Diaper's Episode1:A New Hope
3000 years ago on mountains of Olympus lived a man called Zemos the Protector.He was the protector of the mountains of Olympus,but he was not a god,he was a great warrior who was in great harmony with the gods.So one day Zeus made him the Protector of the mountains of Olympus where he was happy whit his wife Alina and his son Demos who should be the next Protector.But one day Aphrodite saw that Demos had a bit evil inside him,that he was not like his father.Zeus ordered Vulcan to made a armor for Demos.Vulcan worked hard a month to finish his greatest armor πάνα what means diaper.It was so powerful that in wrong hands bad things could happen.Aphrodite told Zeus and Vulcan that Demos was not chosen for this.But what happened then?Zemos and Alina got a little daughter.Her name was Diana.She was not like her brother Demos she had a good soul like her parents,so that the gods made her to the next Protector.Demos who was 17 at that time was so angry that he left Olympus.
:iconkiohoci:KioHoci 13 29
Nanny Bot
At a simple house in a suburban town, there seemed to be a conversation going on between three people. The first of these three was Olga, an adult woman and mother to the other two in the room. She had very light blond hair along with green eyes. She wore a black dress with equally black shoe.
A young girl by the name of Naomi stood next to her mother and listened to the conversation. She wore a cute pink T-shirt and a skirt with brown shoes. Under the skirt, she wore a diaper. She, like her mother, also had light blond hair and green eyes.
The third of the three in the room was a young adult man named Kikoo. He had brown hair, a small beard, and green eyes. Kikoo wore some plain jeans and a white T-shirt. He was the brother of Naomi and the son of Olga.
"So why do you need to buy a robot nanny to look after Naomi again?" Kikoo asked Olga.
"Because I don't trust you to look after her yourself." Olga responded. "So I'm going to buy the Nanny Bot to look after Naomi while I'm at work."
:iconkiohoci:KioHoci 33 2
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54 deviations
So I have one commission to go and after this I would to do a story for you guy's which you can choose!This story will be based on votes form you guy.It will have few rounds,the round with the most votes will added in the story.I will also try to make the story long,so that you guys can enjoy it longer,so lets start! :D

Round 1.Which type of characters should be in the story:
1.Anime characters
2.Video game characters
3.My OC's

The votes for the first round are open! :D


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